Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 1-48 
1. The Effect of Europium Doping on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of GdMnO3 Multiferroic Ceramics

Pages 1-5

Jamal Eldin Fadoul Mohammed Ibrahim; Ayhan Mergen; Ethem İlhan SAHİN; Haythem S. Basheer

3. Pseudomorphic Reaction: A New Approach to Produce Bulk Mesoporous Silica as Catalyst Support in Methane Reforming

Pages 13-20

Fahimeh Shojaeepour; Mahmood Kazemzad Asiabi; M.R. Rahimpour; Ali Khanlarkhani

4. Hydroxyapatite/silica Nanopowders Deposition on Ti Substrate by Plasma Spray Method

Pages 21-24

Mojgan Heydari; M.R. Vaezi; Ali Asghar Behnamghader; Amir Hossein Pakseresht; Morteza Sarmast

7. The Effect of Zircon on Long-Time Corrosion Resistance of Alumina

Pages 41-48

Rana Nasrollahnezhad; Hudsa Majidian; Leila Nikzad; Touraj Ebadzadeh