Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3 - Serial Number 6, Summer 2016, Pages 1-37 
1. Cyclic Voltammetry Investigation of the Mechanism of CuInSe2 and CuIn(Al)Se2 Electrodeposition from Aqueous Solution

Pages 1-4


Yadolah Ganjkhanlou; Touraj Ebadzadeh; Mahmood Kazemzad Asiabi; Amir Maghsoudi; Mansoor Kianpour Rad

2. In Vitro behavior of mechanically activated nanosized Si-Mg-doped fluorapatite

Pages 5-11


Tahmineh Ahmadi; A. Monshi; Vajihosadat Mortazavi; M. H. Fathi; Batool Hashemibeni; Ali Akbar Sharifnabi

3. Effect of milling time on the crystallite size and microstructure of Al2O3/Mo Nano composite

Pages 12-16


Ali Mortazavi; Mansour Razavi; Touraj Ebadzadeh; Ali Sedaghat Ahangari Hossein Zadeh

5. Effect of ball milling on reactive microwave sintering of MgO-TiO2 System

Pages 25-28


Leila Nikzad; Samaneh Ghofrani; Hudsa Majidian; Touraj Ebadzadeh

6. Partial acetylene hydrogenation over commercial Pd-Ag/α-Al2O3 catalyst promoted by ionic liquid

Pages 29-33


Farshad Farshidfar; Mahmood Kazemzad Asiabi; Ali Khanlarkhani; Mehran Rezaei