Effect of Ni content on the reaction behaviors and microstructure of TiB2-TiC/Ni cermets synthesized by MASHS


1 Semiconductors, MERC

2 Ceramic Division, MERC


In this paper TiB2-TiC/Ni cermet with various Ni (20, 40 and 60 wt %) content were synthesized by mechanically activated self-propagating synthesis (MASHS) and effect of the addition of Ni on synthesis parameters and microstructure of synthesized samples were investigated. First raw materials (B4C, Ti and Ni) milled in Ar atmosphere. Then milling powders analyzed by XRD. In next step powders synthesized in tube furnace. After synthesis process all samples analyzed by XRD and SEM. Ignition time of samples was decreased with Ni content increased. SEM images shows with increases Ni content microstructure of samples has been fin and pore size has been decreased. The crystalline size of synthesized samples calculated with Williamson-Hall equation. Average crystalline size of samples with 60 wt % Nickel content was 15 and 8 nm for TiB2 and TiC respectively.


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