Effect of LiCl on the Microstructure and Luminescence Properties of YVO4:Eu3+ and YBO3:Eu3+ Phosphors


Material Engineering, Golpayegan University of Technology


In this investigation, Eu3+ doped YVO4 /YBO3 phosphors were synthesized individually by conventional solid state method at 1100 °C under atmosphere condition. Meanwhile, different amounts of LiClwere used as the flux compound to modify the morphology of the phosphor particles and also final luminescence properties. It was concluded that even small amounts of fluxes play a vital role in the growth of particles. The photoluminescence emission spectra of the phosphors were measured at λexc= 240 and 310 nm, respectively. It was found that using 2 wt% of flux compounds has a significant influence on the emission enhancement of YVO4:Eu3+ and YBO3:Eu3+ phosphors.


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