Cyclic Voltammetry Investigation of the Mechanism of CuInSe2 and CuIn(Al)Se2 Electrodeposition from Aqueous Solution


1 Dept. of Energy, Materials and Energy Research Centre

2 Ceramic , Merc

3 Dept. of ceramic, Materials and Energy Research Centre

4 Energy & Power Engineering, MERC


Electrodeposition of CuInSe2 (CIS) and CuInAlSe2 (CIAS) from aqueous solution has been systematically investigated by cyclic voltammetery implementing different scan rates. It has been shown that electrodeposited CIS and CIAS have been formed on the substrate through electrochemical-chemical interaction of reduces species on the substrate.  From the obtained results, it could be inferred that Induced electrodeposition is the main mechanism of incorporation of aluminium and indium in the deposited layer. Effect of electrodeposition potential on the composition of the prepared film has also been investigated and it was observed that in potential close to -0.7 V stoichiometery close to desired stoichiometery of CIAS solar cells could be obtained.


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