Partial acetylene hydrogenation over commercial Pd-Ag/α-Al2O3 catalyst promoted by ionic liquid


1 Dept. of Energy, Materials and Energy Research Centre

2 Nano-Technology and Advanced Materials, Materials and Energy Research Center

3 Department of chemical engineering, University of Kashan


1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolinium hydroxide ionic liquid (BMIm[OH]) is loaded on commercial low surface area Pd-Ag/α-Al2O3 solid ‎catalyst to enhance higher selectivity of acetylene partial hydrogenation. Different experimental techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, surface area measurement and gas chromatography have been utilized to characterize chemical, structural and catalytic properties of the catalyst. Additionally, FT-IR spectra are collected to study the synthesized ionic liquid. The selectivity and activity of ‎the fresh and aged catalysts are compared for both ionic liquid free and loaded samples.‎


Main Subjects