The Effect of Rotation Speed on the Microstructure and Hardness of Synthesized Al-WC Nano-Composite by Centrifugal Casting


1 Ceramic Division, Materials and Energy Research Center

2 Ceramic Division, MERC


The aim of this work was WC distribution in base Al-Si-Mg (A356) alloy as reinforcing agent. WC Solid particles in the sub-23-nm size range added to melted alloy by centrifuge casting. The cylinder tube without gap was obtained. FESEM and OPM results show that the distribution depends upon the rotational speeds of the mould and centrifugal casting conditions. According to the MAP results, during solidification, Nano size WC phase, by the Eutectic Silicon and around primary Aluminum phase, was precipitated and distributed significantly.  The wear tests were carried out using pin on disk method. Results revealed the 0.0272g wear rate by 500gr load at 1200 m for samples that are casted at 1500RPM centrifugal casting speed. According to SEM micrographs, the sliding load transfer by Nano WC particles occurred.


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