Dispersion Properties of Nano YSZ Particles in Aqueous Suspensions

Document Type : Original Research Article


Ceramic Department, Materials and Energy Research Center, Meshkindasht, Alborz, Iran


In the present research, the aqueous suspensions of nano-sized YSZ particles were prepared using a common and available dispersant (Dolapix CE64) at different pH values and their stability were evaluated through the sedimentation height, viscosity measurement, and microstructural observation. Different amounts of dispersant were tested and the optimum percentage was examined by measuring the viscosity of suspensions. It was found that the use of Dolapix CE64 resulted in a suspension with a low sedimentation height and viscosity. The suspension prepared at pH = 4 with the optimum amount of dispersant (Dolapix CE64 0.1wt%) indicated a reasonable value of zeta potential. Moreover, the packing of particles in sediment layers was evaluated by sedimentation parameters (sedimentation volume and packing density) and the sediment layers were characterized by the microstructural observation. The microstructural observation revealed homogeneous packing of particles in the sedimentation layer, demonstrating the suspension stability, and proper dispersion of particles.


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