Synthesis of MgTiO3 Powder Via Co-Precipitation Method and Investigation of Sintering Behavior


1 Materials and Energy

2 Materials Energy Research Center

3 Semiconductors, MERC

4 Ceramic , Merc


A co-precipitation method was used for synthesis of pure MgTiO3 ceramic powder with Mg(NO3)2.6H2O, TiCl4 or C12H28O4Ti and NaOH as raw materials. In this method, solutions of 1 M, Mg (NO3)2 6H2O and 2 M, NaOH were prepared. A stoichiometric amount of Ti precursors from TiCl4 or C12H28O4Ti was weighted. Solutions of Mg (NO3)2. 6H2O and Ti precursor were added dropwise to NaOH solution under stirring.. The gelatinous white precipitate was calcinated at temperature range of 500-1000 °C. Moreover, the sintering process was performed at temperature range of 950-1350 °C. The results show that in the presence of TiCl4, pure MgTiO3 does not form, but using C12H28O4Ti, pure MgTiO3 with particle size less than 200 nm obtains at calcination temperature of 800 °C. Thus, the density of this sample is optimum (95% relative density) at a sintering temperature of 1050 °C and it has good dielectric properties including εr =16.2  and Q= 110000 GHz.