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 Number of Volumes  6
Number of Issues 21
Number of Articles 141
Number of Contributors 306
Article View 25,361
PDF Download 12,203
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PDF Download Per Article 86.55
Number of Submissions 39
Rejected Submissions 3
Reject Rate 8
Accepted Submissions 26
Acceptance Rate 67
Time to Accept (Days) 81
Number of Indexing Databases 9
Number of Reviewers 1849

Advanced Ceramics Progress (ACERP) — Open Access


Advanced Ceramics Progress (ISSN: 2423-7477; e-ISSN: 2423-7485) is an international, scholarly, peer reviewed, ISC, and open access journal dedicated to the fundamental aspects of chemistry and physics occurring at a wide range of oxide and non-oxide ceramics, composites, and nano materials and their processing, properties, microstructure, and applications - starting from 2015. The journal provides a unique venue for publishing new exciting researches focusing on dynamic growth areas in this field as original research articles, review articles, short communications, and technical reports, which have not been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. ACERP is published quarterly online by Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC) and Iranian Ceramic Society (ICERS).

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. M. R. Rahimipour
Full Edition Title: Advanced Ceramics Progress
ISO Abbreviation: Adv. Ceram. Prog.
ISSN: 2423-7477
e-ISSN: 2423-7485

Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC)


Iranian Ceramic Society (ICERS)
Since: 2015
Article Processing Charge (APC): Free of Charge
Publication Process: Quick & Open Access

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All submitted manuscripts to the ACERP are screened for Plagiarism

Since December 2014, Advanced Ceramics Progress (ACERP) has effectively utilized plagiarism checker for the detection of the quality of all submitted articles in review process. Once a manuscript is reviewed before any decision the editorial board; we shall provide full report from board of reviewers to assist board members to judge and make correct  decision.   Based    on   recommendations  the   results   would

be shared with authors for revision and improving the quality of publication in ACERP. All submitted manuscripts to ACERP should be original and any part of the article should not be plagiarized. Even reviewed article before any decision, the content is checked for plagiarism. For any submitted manuscript, the plagiarism level greater than 25% including author name, affiliation, and references is automatically rejected and a similarity of > 20%  is considered as high percentage of plagiarism. ACERP follows the ethical guidelines suggested by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). ACERP does its best to adhere to the COPE as much as possible. When working with ACERP, authors, editors, and reviewers must abide by our code of Publication Ethics and Conduct as stated on this page. ACERP's board members welcome any international publishers to provide ACERP special services for improving internationalization and also help us to get recognition, prefect global impact, and publicity to approach COPE standard criteria.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 1-62 

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