The Effect of Zircon on Long-Time Corrosion Resistance of Alumina


1 Ceramic Department, MERC

2 Materials Energy Research Center

3 Materials and Energy

4 Ceramic , Merc


Corrosion resistance of zircon reinforced alumina refractories has been carried out through static crucible test. The corrosion measurements with percentage, the penetration depth of molten steel and the microstructure of the refractories were evaluated after soaking 150 h at the temperature of 1500˚C. Results showed that the corrosion resistance of alumina increased by adding 20 wt% zircon, and decreased with further increasing of zircon. Also, the samples containing 20 wt% of zircon obtained the minimum porosity. Microstructural features of this composite showed needle-like mullite grains and higher amount of zirconia particles which may be responsible for providing the corrosion resistance to melt penetration.