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A Review on the Application of Nanoparticles for Targeted Gene Delivery

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 17 July 2022


Solmaz Moniri Javadhesari; Masoud Jabraili; Mohaddeseh Koohi

Oxidation Behavior of HfB2-SiC-Nd2O3 Ultra-High Temperature Composite Sintered through SPS Process

Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 1-11


Younes Hanifeh; Maryam Shojaie-Bahaabad; Mohammad Jafar Molaei

Synthesis of CuO and CuO/ZnO Composite Powders for Antibacterial, Photocatalytic, and Pigment-Related Applications

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 1-8


Moshkan Dokht Khosravi; Mehdi Ghahari; Mahdi Shafiee Afarani; Amir Masoud Arabi

Oxidation Behavior of Spark Plasma Sintered HfB2-SiC-Graphite Composite at 1400 °C

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 9-17


Mohammad Sakvand; Maryam Shojaie-Bahaabad; Leila Nikzad

Fabrication and Preliminary Characterization of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Based on Alumina/Bioactive Glass

Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 10-19


S. Borhan; M. R. Badr-Mohammadi; S. Hesaraki; J. Esmaeilzadeh

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Amorphous AlPO4 Ceramics

Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 52-58


F. S. Sayyedan; M. H. Enayati; M. R. Rahimipour

Study of Dielectric Properties of Lead-Free Multiferroic KNN/22.5 BaFe12O19 Composites

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2021, Pages 23-28


P. Kasaeipoor Naeini; M. Delshad Chermahin; B. Shayegh Boroujeny; T. Ebadzadeh; M. Nilforoushan; M. Abdollahi

Reactive Spark Plasma Sintering of Y3Al5O12-MgAl2O4 Composites

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2021, Pages 49-55


R. Irankhah; M. Zakeri; M. R. Rahimipour; M. Razavi

Pseudocapacitive Behavior of Nb2O5-TNTs Nanocomposite for Lithium-ion Micro-batteries

Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2021, Pages 1-9


M. Mohammadifar; A. Massoudi; N. Naderi; M. J. Eshraghi

Heat Treatment of Pulsed Electroplated Nickel Deposited on AA2024 Aluminum

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 46-51


A. Khiabani; Z. S. Seyedraoufi; M. Heydarzadeh Sohi